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Mount Cameroon

Referred otherwise to as Mount Fako, this is the most prominent West African volcanic mountain. It is constituted of a pile of lava that rises up to a height of about 4,095 m. It lies along the Cameroon volcanic line together with other mountains like the Mt. Kupe, Manengouba, Bamboutus, Kom and the Oku mountain ranges.
            The Fako mountain is very immense, having a length of about 50 km, width of about 35km and covers an area of over 1,750km2. From the sea, it rises first to a culminating point of 1,713m, forming the mount Etindi, slopes down to a height of about 900m before rising once more to attain the highest peak point of about 4,070 m. The persistence of volcanic activities on this peak keeps increasing its height. This mountain erupted in 1902, 1922, 1954, 1959, 1982 and lately in 1999, leading to earthquakes that destroyed neighboring villages. This mountain is still active and could still erupt at any time.


Active Volcanic cones on Mount Cameroon



Road crossed by Volcano after 1999 eruption


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