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Cameroon Music and Artists

trumpetThe diverse ethnic background in Cameroon partly explains the diversity of brands of music. Influence from the West is also sweeping across cultures with brands like pop, rap, salsa amongst others. The most popular music brands in Cameroon are Makossa, Bikutsi, patchanga and Assiko. There are other very traditional forms of music. e.g. The samba and Njang of the North west Region.

The links below will be frequently updated with MP3 and MP4 videos and audios of diverse music brands in Cameroon.

Makossa | Bikutsi | Assiko | Samba | Njang | Rap | Patchanga | Assorted |

Samba Dance in Babessi Village,
North West Region
2008 (contact us for complete video clips)

Cameroon has been a leader in the domian of music for several decades. There are great musicians and dancers , many of whom have proven their worth at an international level.

To an extent, it is beleived that music has played an important role in maintaining peace and stability in the country. It is also an important factor of national unity and a feeling of belonging to one nation. From North to south, people appreciate music in the same manner no matter where it is coming from. It is the case with Makossa which originates from the littoral region but cuts right across diverse ethnic groups. Everybody dances to one tune and in the same fashion. People even go as far as understanding lyrics in langauges that are completely different from theirs.

View and download clips of musicians here:

Popular Music clips, Artists, Videos and audios

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