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Risk and Catastrophy related issues

Several extreme events have occured in Cameroon. Some are natural, others human related and others are a combination of both, in the sense that man modifies his environment and in turn a disequilibrum is created which later on leads to an extreme event. Such examples include floods (as is the case with Yaounde Central town today), Lanslides as in Oyomabang Yaounde and Magha in the west Region. Several extreme events of natural origin have also marked the country's history e.g. the Lake Nyos disaster in 1986 which killed over 1800 people, 3000 cattle and all forms of life within a 50 km radius and the mount Cameroon whose eruptions are characterised by earth quakes that destroy neighbouring villages. Read full article on Lake Nyos through this link>>>

Photo by Zogning Olivier 2007




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