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Limbe is another very attractive town in Cameroon. It is an English speaking town   like Bamenda but contrary to the latter, it is an area where agro industrial plantations have been highly promoted under he auspices of the CDC. It is also a centre of attraction for workers coming from different parts of the republic especially plantation workers coming from the North West province as laborers.  The headquarters of the CDC is also found in Limbe.
   Besides agriculture, Limbe is the Petrol capital of the republic. The main petroleum refinery in Cameroon (Societe nationale de rafinage; SONARA) is found in Limbe. This is an engine in the growth and development of this town. Several hotels and resorts a found here and serve as hosting sites for tourists. Limbe is very attractive and well noted for its constant sea breezes which blow across the town. The people of Limbe take advantage of these breezes by constructing houses in a parallel direction to the ocean and placing windows and/or doors facing the oceans direction. This keeps homes continuously aerated. Another principal attraction of the town is the Limbe Botanical garden with a high biodiversity of fauna and flora species as well as a jungle village at its centre; all serving as major tourist attractions in the town.
        Limbe has a population of over 300 000 people and is only 70 kilometers from Douala. It is a very clean town with several attractive beaches, a good climate and several historical sites. From another perspective it is situated at the foot of the mount Cameroon.
Much can be discovered about Limbe by visiting its museums and the urban council which contain lots of archives about the town.

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