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This is the headquarters of the Far North Province and is the most populated town in this area. This town is surrounded by mountains, lying between like a basin. It is separated by River Kaliao into two separate sections. This river completely dries off during the dry season, due to record high temperatures of 50°C. Under such harsh temperatures it is not uncommon to find the tall dark people of this area  wrapped in long garments locally called ‘gandouras’, going about their businesses. Business activities here are not only limited to the confines of Cameroon; it extends as far as Nigeria thanks to the proximity they share. Several routes exist; fueling the informal sector with goods but putting the government out of any fiscal benefits which could trickle out in the form of taxes. Such illegal trade has also increased the crime wave in the area especially on the Maroua-Kousseri highway where thieves some times station, stop vehicles and rob businessmen of all cash and some times goods. Some of these gangs are local residents meanwhile some are from Chad. The government has over the years fought against this phenomenon and brought it to a tolerable state. Such intervention was necessary for the wellbeing of the Banks, hotels, travel agencies and handicraft/arts markets that have gained ground in the area. Maroua is a centre and meeting point for tourists, businessmen and people from neighboring Nigeria. It is also one of the greatest tourist destinations in Cameroon.
This town is poised to recieve the highest nember of students coming from over the National territory come academic year 2008/2009. This is due to the creation of a Higher teaching training college which is to go operational for the first time this academic year.

      The dominant religion here is the Muslim faith, but other religions exist here in peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

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